Today is the anniversary of my sister Allison’s birthday.

In honour of Ally I would like to share the children’s story which my talented niece and I are working on. We want to help kids understand that disabled kids are just like them: heroes in their own minds.


(by Jackie Bailey with illustrations forthcoming by Sophie Cooke)

Hello! I am Ally.

In your world:

I use a wheelchair to move around
A tube helps me eat food (mostly brown 🙁 )
My mouth doesn’t always make the right sound

But people don’t know what adventures abound

In my world:

‘Take that!’ I shout at the Sea Monster Snail
Who is trying to eat Queen Ellie’s tail
I catch him in netting of strongest seaweed

The Queen gives me treasure for my great deed!

Then to the sky to Sophie, Queen Fairy,
Prince Andy and Cam, who are fighting Witch Scary
‘No you don’t!’ I shout and lasso her wand

They present me with a chocolate pond!

I fly to help King Elliot the Brave
Trapped by Dragon McDread in a cold and dark cave
I sneak in and tickle the Dragon’s round belly

The King thanks me with rivers and rainbows of jelly!

Now to Lord Kyle and Lady Jacinta
Who are being attacked by Shriek Owls of Winter
I brandish my sword and away the birds hoot

The gracious pair thank me with a train that goes, ‘Toot!’

I race to find Princess Bec and her brothers
Hiding from Ghosts of Shivers and Shudders
‘Whoo-whoo!’ I cry – the ghosts runs away

We celebrate with cake and we run, dance and play.

To Elves Maddi and Isaac’s assistance I swoop
They’ve been locked in a cage by a Very Mean Brute
I flick them the key and wrestle him down

They place on my head a golden crown!

But now…..

In your world and mine it is time for bed;

Mummy sings me a song and kisses my head;

Daddy tells me a story of queens and foul foes,

And brave girls like me, who are always heroes.

You and I look and sound different, it’s true
But we’re really the same;
We’re kids, through and through
If we ever meet, just look in my eyes
You’ll see a


up, up, up
I fly!