Types of Burials

You can choose between a Burial with a Funeral Service, or a Direct Burial with no service. Sometimes people may like to have a memorial service at a later date.

The cost of a Direct Burial with no service starts around $4,150. This does not include the cost of the plot or headstone. We are happy to negotiate the purchase of a plot and the creation of a headstone on your behalf, or you can speak directly to the cemetery and stonemason.

The cost of a Burial with a Funeral Service starts around $7,000. This includes the cost of the service but as above, it does not include the cost of the plot or headstone. You can hold the Service almost wherever you like. The location could be: a chapel at the cemetery; by the graveside; in a church; at home; at a park; or in another location. Often people like to hold a funeral service first, then a smaller graveside ceremony with close friends and family.

Natural Burials

There are two cemeteries which offer natural burial options in the Sydney and Illawarra region: Kemp’s Creek Cemetery (Greater Sydney) and Shoalhaven Memorial Gardens & Lawn Cemetery (Wollongong/Shoalhaven).

A natural burial involves clothing the body in biodegradable clothing, and avoiding the use of chemicals in preparing the body. There are no individual headstones, but some natural burial grounds provide the family with the GPS coordinates of the body and have a central commemmorative memorial recording the names of those buried there.

Cemeteries with Burial Options

Wollongong and Shoalhaven cemeteries with burial options include: Helensburgh Cemetery, Kembla Grange Cemetery, Berry Cemetery, Cambewarra Cemetery, Conjola Cemetery, Kangaroo Valley Cemetery, Nowra Cemetery, Sandridge General Cemetery, Sandridge Lawn Cemetery, and Shoalhaven Lawn Cemetery.

Greater Sydney region cemeteries include: Rookwood, Northern Suburbs, Macquarie Park, Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park, Woronora Memorial Park, Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Waverley, Pinegrove, Riverstone, Field of Mars, Liverpool, Castlebrook Memorial Park, Frenchs Forest Bushland cemetery and Gore Hill.

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Jackie arranged and ran the funeral service for my mother-in-law and she was so impressive: I would recommend her to anyone.

She spoke beautifully and really made sure she did her homework on what Grace was like, what she wanted and what the family and friends needed. Absolutely superb. My own mum commented later what a lovely service it was, and that she’d like Jackie to officiate at her own funeral.

Debbie, Blue Mountains, NSW