I can help you to design and deliver a Funeral or Memorial Service.

A Funeral or Memorial Service can be held almost anywhere – a park, venue, home, backyard, beach. Sometimes people scatter the ashes at a Memorial Service but this does not have to occur.

The main difference between a Funeral and a Memorial Service is that the coffin is not present at a Memorial Service. If the coffin is present, we tend to call this a ‘Funeral’ Service.

I can work with you on the elements of the Service, both physical and spoken. For example, you might wish to have:

  • a Memorial Table displaying objects and images from your loved one’s life
  • notepaper for people to write messages for the loved one and the loved one’s family
  • origami paper and coloured pens so people can craft a special farewell for your loved one
  • flowers, candles and petals to send with your loved one’s memory
  • a tree planting, stone blessing or plaque laying to memorialise your loved one

I will come and see you and we can plan the service together.


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When my father died I started looking for a way to give him a send off he would love. I knew he would think a conventional service at the Crematorium would be ‘meaningless’ and a ‘waste of money.’ I also wanted it to reflect him as a person, particularly his deep love of the land he cared for, his passion for classical music and a heavy dose of whimsy and fun.

We decided to cremate him privately and have a ceremony later to give his ashes back to the land he loved. I also wanted to make sure we did not  ‘offend’ the deeply religious coming or the atheists.

When I spoke to Jackie I knew she was perfect. She met with us to get to know Dad and my creative mother. We had ideas she helped weave into a beautiful ceremony celebrating his life and she added her own twist which we loved. Without exception, everyone commented on how amazing and beautiful the ceremony was. Thank you Jackie.

Rebecca, Appin, NSW