Services are often held at the crematorium in a ‘chapel’ on the crematorium grounds. If you decide on this option, I recommend you book a ‘double’ time slot. Chapel time slots are 45-minutes in length, which has to include your set-up time. A double-slot can remove any sense of pressure and generally costs a few hundred dollars more, rather than twice the price of a single-slot.

You can hold a service with the coffin present almost anywhere. For example, services can be held outdoors, at the beach, in a park, at home, in a venue. Afterwards, we transport the coffin to the crematorium and you are able to pick up the ashes in the days following the service.

At the end of the service, you might like to offer refreshments to your guests (known as a ‘wake’). Again, you can host this almost anywhere.

What to do with the ashes

Sometimes people have the ashes interred in a cemtery ground. People often scatter the ashes, plant a tree or keep the ashes. There are also some creative options for ashes such as the work of Vinyly, which will press the ashes into vinyl records.

I can help with whatever option you choose.

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